It takes the load off your neck, feels great."

— Derrick Johnson @4derrick , American Weightlifting Record Holder


I've been dealing with tension headaches that have gotten progressively worse over the past five years. They got so bad that I had to miss an entire week of work. Every doctor I saw kept wanting to prescribe me drugs or use surgery to fix my neck. It was at that point my boss referred me to see Steve for Physical Therapy. Lucky for me, he had just created The Neck Hammock. After just one session, the intesity and duration of my headaches were cut in half! I have been using The Neck hammock for three weeks now and my headaches are almost completely gone! 

Christina Komen., Smarty Pants Vitamins, Marina Del Rey, CA

I love the neck hammock! I'd been suffering from neck pain for almost a year due to a pinched nerve. Once I started using the neck hammock, I felt immediate relief! I literally felt better after just one use! It's simply amazing. I have been using it for a couple of months now, and it has relieved my pain immensely. It has also helped with reducing my headaches and with stress reduction. I love using it while I meditate. It's portable, so easy to use and set up! I can't thank Dr. Steve enough for this invention! It's helped me so much!

Niki Tehranchi, Owner and Chef of Eatz, Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Just like so many other people, I work at a desk all day. Over the years I've developed neck pain that has become a major problem area in my life. Steve let me try the Neck Hammock once, and that was all it took before I was hooked! It has helped me increase my focus and productivity at work because I am no longer consumed by my chronic neck pain and stiffness. I use the Neck Hammock on a daily basis, no longer for the pain, but for the relaxation :)

Katelyn Nelson - Santa Monica, CA