Portable, Pain Relief, and Relaxation

Completely funded on Kickstarter, the most portable Neck pain relief device ever created!


Portable, Pain Relief, and Relaxation

Completely funded on


the most portable Neck pain relief device ever created!


Do You...

  • Suffer from neck pain? 

  • Tension headaches?

  • trouble sleeping?

  • stiff neck?

  • Poor posture?

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Want to take control of neck pain from the comfort of your own home? 

the neck hammock


Eliminate pain

Relieve stress

Boost energy

Improve sleep quality

Promote proper alignment

Improve posture  


What makes The Neck Hammock different? 

Neck pain is commonly treated through mechanical cervical traction, a treatment that's only be achieved at a physical therapist’s office.  

Unfortunately, regular physical therapy is not an option for most people – it’s either too expensive or too time consuming. 

The Neck Hammock was created by a Licensed Physical Therapist who wanted to give people an alternative solution that was: affordable, convenient, and Highly Effective!

Furthermore, Sheamus emphasized that a useful piece of rehab equipment called a ‘Neck Hammock’ has been helping him deal with the condition, and compete despite having stenosis in his neck.

This is amazing! So comfortable and relaxing.
— Jackie Perez (@jackie585)
Fantastic! I immediately wanted to fall asleep. It opened up my neck in ways I didn’t know were possible. The little bit of stiffness I had was gone. I will definitely be taking this on the road with me!
— WWE star Becky Lynch @beckylynchwwe

I was surprised how relaxed I was; would be ideal to use before a match to calm down and mentally prepare.
— @coolhandmma, Luke Sanders UFC Fighter, MMA World Champion
It takes the load off your neck, feels great.
— Derrick Johnson @4derrick , American Weightlifting Record Holder
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If you have neck pain, poor posture, or trouble sleeping, the Neck Hammock is designed to help you..