Helping to raise money/services for young people battling Cancer, giving them the tools to have a successful ‘second go’ at life

On October, 2014, less than a week after I married the love of my life, my younger sister Kelly was diagnosed with one of the most aggressive forms of leukemia, AML. It was a phone call I hope no one has to take. Just 2 days later, she was admitted to the hospital to start an aggressive form of Chemotherapy. For the next 8 months she battled for her life, spending multiple weeks in ICU, fighting horrendous pain, mouth sores, hair loss, etc. It was hands down the most challenging year of our lives. But guess what? With the love and support of her friends and family...Kelly was told that she now was Cancer Free! While the rest of us were celebrating, Kelly starting thinking, planning, and creating her own non-profit "A Second Goal". 

Kelly realized that one of the things that most likely got her through the battle with Cancer was all of the love, thoughtfulness, and support from family, friends, and people who she never even met. So she wanted to give back.  Maintaining a healthy, stress free lifestyle is key to avoiding relapse.  It was Kelly's goal to give back to others who may not have the support that she did to make this possible.  A Second Go was established to raise money/services to provide people with the tools to have a successful ‘second go’ at life including, but not limited to: yoga, therapy, nutrition support, spa services, home cleaning services, etc. 

Unfortunately, Kelly's leukemia has returned and she is currently being treated at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Dana Farber in Boston to kick cancer one more time.  At this time we are focusing a little bit more on fundraising for Kelly as she will proceed with a Stem Cell Transplant and 9-12 months of treatment. There is a team in place who will continue to manage the non-profit until Kelly is ready to kick cancer's ass again! Thanks for your continuing support.

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